Sharpening the Axe


my painting, “Peonies”

After a busy weekend, I look forward to a day of relaxation and renewal tommorow. I need to “sharpen my axe” ,meaning, after much work and burning my candle at both ends, I need to stop and recharge. My day usually starts with Bible study and then a cup of strong coffee and a sit outside to see what the world is up to. We have had such a rainy summer that I am loving this pre-fall weather and my dose of vitamin D.

I feel drained too because of so much bad news lately about friends diagnosed with cancer, deaths of people I loved, and just the stress of life in this world. I need to just look up and remember that I need not carry the weight of the world on my shoulders, that God’s shoulders are strong to carry it all and I can just be………be a girl, on a beautiful balmy morning with a cup of coffee and a full heart. Suz

” There are far, far better things ahead than any we have left behind ” CS Lewis

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