Anybody Home?

No, I didn’t fall off the face of the earth. I have been busy with work and painting and just getting ready for a upcoming holiday show. I have missed communicating with other bloggers and friends found……. so off I go!

Last week us girls at work participated in a scarecrow contest in which we proceeded to dress a mannequin in petticoats, green velvety fabric with a curtain rod going through it and my wig ( don’t ask) and entered the Maclay Gardens contest with ” Scare-lett O’Hara”. Pictures will follow as soon as I can get Maria at work to send a pic my way. It was a lot of fun and those gardens are so beautiful, need to get back!

This fall weather is so wonderful and much needed. I love this time of year…… the smell of burn piles of leaves, acorns crunching underfoot, pansy faces showing up at Tallahassee Nurseries, the thoughts of getting my small but wonderful family together for the holidays, the list goes on. For my husband, it is the start of hunting season, being outside from sunrise to sunset, wearing his cowboy hat to keep warm, and finally getting some home cooked meals since I have lost any desire to heat up the kitchen in the summer with the oven!

Hope to get back this week end with pictures of some paintings I have been working on and hope all of you are refreshed by our change of season as much as I am. God Bless, Suz

20121011-083350.jpg Sweet friends I haven’t seen in awhile, Joan and Lisa at a little fall-ish get together

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