Full Heart

I love Thanksgiving, I think I enjoy it more than any other time of the year….. even Christmas. It’s before the frenzy starts of overbuying and forgetting what the reason is that we are celebrating. I love it because of all the great memories of growing up near family in a small town. Thanksgiving was all about my grandmother and mama in the kitchen baking and clucking over every little detail that went into the meal, it was my grandfather trying to be quiet as he got dressed and ready to go deer hunting real early in the morning. It was all about spending the day with my cousins and playing outside all day away from the eyes of grown ups who could keep us busy elsewhere. It was the excitement of when my grandfather, we called him Uncle Snap, would arrive back with a deer and watching him dress the deer right there in the back yard. He would inevitably hang the antlers on an old pine tree, and let me tell you, it was laden with trophies…… I would give anything to see that old tree again! Finally, when the meal had reached perfection according to the ladies. us kids would be put at the children’s table to feast and enjoy the wonderful meal. Then we lazed around or took a walk somewhere with everyone in tow.

I had no idea how rich we were back then. I would love to relish those wonderful days one more time, a freckle faced little girl with skinned up knees and a space between my teeth, and a full heart…… I have been so richly blessed. Have a thankful month!!!! Suz


One thought on “Full Heart

  1. Suzanne….I am richly blessed to call you friend!! Thanksgiving and the season that surrounds it, is my favorite, for the very things you described….family, food and tradition! Freckles and all!!!

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