From whom all blessings flow


The year is rapidly coming to a close as the holiday season unfolds. Typically I go into a panic with decisions, what to serve for holiday meals, should we send out cards this year, what in the world will I get family members for gifts……. not this year. It has been a year of gifts for me already. Blessings have abounded all year for our family. Don’t get me wrong, it hasn’t been a year of no pain, hardships or financial crunch, but it has been a stellar year for blessings. This year I saw my nephews that had been lost to me , each smile from them was a gift to me. I experienced, to my surprise, the joy of finding out what my gifts are and learning to use them to hopefully glorify my Creator. My husband found peace with a family situation that was heart wrenching to us both. My daughter and son-in-law grew as artists and creative forces. So, I am not so concerned with so much this season. I just want to praise God from whom all blessings flow…….. and maybe have another slice of that pumpkin pie! God bless your Thanksgiving holiday, Suz

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