Getting Twiggy With It

I hope this post finds you all in the Christmas spirit and doing well. I have the house decorated, although simply, and all I need to do is a berry and branch run. There is always a little bit of a battle in our house when it comes to adorning the rooms…… its glitz versus natural. My husband loves the more the merrier, baubles, shiny, sparkle and myself, I love gathering branches, wonderful smelling greenery, berries, rosemary topiaries and narcissus bulbs….. you see where I am going! But after 20 something years of being together we are finally getting this thing down. I had an almost brilliant idea of unwinding a grapevine wreath to wrap around the tree , I could envision ornaments hanging from it and looking very woodsy. What I got was the biggest slinky in history and it was me getting wrapped around the tree! It was springing out in places that looked like a tumbleweeds had landed in our Panhandle Christmas tree. After Bryant detached it and me from the tree, I found a safer place to put my brilliant idea and Bryant is still giggling about the scenes that played out in our little home. God bless your week! Suz


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