The Tale of Two Shops

It has been a wonderful couple of days off to decorate the house, do some cooking for my hubby, and generally just nesting. I have been painting like a mad woman too, have a new painting in the works to go to a darling shop here in town, Vingettes. I love the owner Cheryl and her taste is incredible, a neat mixture of New Orleans, southern genteel and funky artist flavor. Everytime I go in there, I come out inspired and excited over new finds.
Another wonderful shop is Sweet Patina, the owner Mignon redefines Hip and Lina is a breath of fresh air to work with. I love the wild woman aspect of this store……and the fabulous salvaged furniture, jewelry, books. Both shops are my first to carry my artwork and have cheered me on as I have had absolutely no clue of how to do this, except paint my tailfeathers off! So here is to several ladies who make Tallahassee a neater place to shop and stop in for fun and unusual items…. as well as the highly entertaining conversation!!! Check them out on their facebook pages. As ever, Suz



Raining Daisies just arrived at Sweet Patina

The First Noel recently landed at Vignettes, more to arrive soon!

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