Breakin’ Out

I came from a long line of ……. can I say prissiness? It cannot be helped, the girls in my family are mostly blondes, great figures, a southern drawl that could melt butter…. getting a visual? Then along comes me, I was brunette, tomboyish, leggy and my mama didn’t know what to do with me. I lived in jeans and button down shirts and sneakers or duck boots. I listened to country music and back then could do damage to a bottle of southern comfort and diet coke, of course! Mama blamed it all on the Foster side of the family…. I think I was just breakin’ out. Appearances are sometimes all important to people, I like to get a little scratched up and see what is underneath it all, I know I’m not alone in this. Just when I was reveling in this epiphany of being real and the velveteen rabbit story swirling around in my head I was reminded that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. This morning I was having breakfast with an friend who shall remain nameless, Maria, and she was laughing about my heart attack story. Not that I really had one but one night due to something other than my heart I was experiencing pains in my chest. Not one to over react I lay there awhile trying to assess the situation and knew exactly what to do. First I gathered up my journals that had my deepest, darkest secrets in them and I threw them in the trash downstairs. Then I put on my prettiest nightgown and got back in bed, ready to die and looking somewhat decent for the coroner. No thought to call the doctor or whatever but there I was, worrying about appearances and people finding out about the real me. In the morning, when I had not died, I got up and got all my journals out of the trash and went about my daily business. When you hear somebody else tell the story, you know that you come from crazy… and then you ask them to pass the sugar free syrup! Hope you smiled and have a great day. True story. Suz

20130102-172932.jpg Mama called it not fixin’ up, Lu and I call it down home dressing.

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