Wealthy Is a State of Mind

My grandmother Mary Leonard Yates and brother Wade, Blountstown circa 1920.

I am by no means a wealthy woman, I’m really lucky if I have two nickels to rub together! But at times I feel so rich…… not in worldly ways but in the rich memories that I carry around with me. Everytime I go to visit my ninety four year old grandmother, we dispense with formalities and she’ll want to take a walk out in her backyard to see all the plants and just to talk. I love these walks and over the years have learned many southern plants, what not to plant where and who passed down the plants to her. But most importantly I hear stories about her growing up on the same land that we now walk. I crave this kind of continuity that I did not really have for a good part of my life, moving a lot with an ambitious father who wanted to get the heck out of Calhoun County. With my grandmother I have that kind of history and I feel like I too grew up there. Some of the things that please me the most are as random as they can be, but here goes…….. the smell of tea olive blossoms at a bedroom window, the sound of mourning doves cooing in a nearby tree, picking blueberries from the bushes in the yard, checking on the little kid goats in the walled in area out back, sitting on the patio eating boiled peanuts and catching up on the latest, going to town to shop at the dime store, getting milkshakes and then sitting at the river landing to see what was going on ( I know this sounds boring for a Saturday night , but to this girl it was wonderful ). Something as simple as taking a plate over to Miss Thina next door or calling our cousin Len Bailey to see if he was cooking any BQ on his smoker… then a trip to the Chipola river was necessary if he was. All these are the best parts of life to me, simple, uncomplicated, and real . I would say that I am a very richly blessed girl indeed

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