What is on your bucket list???

alligator-with-baby-on-backI  love being in my fifties…. there I said it. I do, it is very freeing to be rid of so much artifice that accompanies the early years. The laugh lines are there, the gray hair is taking over like a crop of dandelions, I can no longer wear boys levi jeans, and I never get carded when I order a drink….ever. When I go to the movies I am asked if I am a senior…… a what? My dad was a different story, he detested getting older and spent most of his adult life trying to combat it…. without much success I might add. I remember the seventies and all of a sudden he started jogging, that lasted all of two or three days. Then there was scuba diving, we had enough equipment to start a search and rescue mission on any body of water, next was flying planes, which he became licensed to fly….. I wouldn’t go up with him, no way on God’s green earth or heavens. Let’s see then the last ten years of his life he took up riding horses and roping. Which suited him I think. But the story that stands out most in mind was when he added fighting alligators to his to do list. When he turned fifty, he and a buddy decided to go fishing, some river or lake and unbeknownst to his poor buddy, Dad had already decided that it was the day he would fight an alligator. Well his wish came true and to his delight a gator came around the small boat and Dad, without any warning, jumped in after the gator. All I can say is that we aren’t sure who was terrified more, the gator or dad’s friend. When dad jumped into the murky water, he landed in soft silt up to his knees and for an instance couldn’t find his legs…. he thought the gator had got him! I am sure that gator was no where to be found after a crazy, Liberty County crazy jumped in on him. Well needless to say, Dad proudly could say that he had gone in after a gator, and it was the truth( not that ever stopped him before). This was just one day in the life of my dad and I can say that even thought he died at sixty, he lived a big life. I am starting to wonder….. what can i add to my bucket list besides a spa day, a week at the beach, or traveling to Ireland….. I think Dad would be a little disappointed!  Suz

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