A walk down memory lane

I know I can go on about the past, I don’t mean to. It is just a big part of who I am in this world.The basic truth is…. I dig history! I caught myself droning on about family history lately to a friend and I suddenly realized, this probably not what people want to hear. My own family doesn’t want to hear sometimes, but I find it fascinating to know the details and stories that somehow weave themselves into my history. I guess I love to know what makes people tick and how they turned adversity into triumph, what were their fears, prayers, successes…. I tend to go back to where a lot of these stories happened, I can almost feel their presence with me as I walk along. Recently I visited our family’s old home and took photos. I grew up on the same land that my great grandparents and my grandmother’s family did. I didn’t know them but they have been kept alive by stories and pictures from my grandmother Mary. The grape arbor is still there that my great grandaddy built for his younger wife. It is very low and I find out that she was short and he built it so she could reach the grapes . After almost 100 years, it is a reminder of his love for her. The palms and bridal wreath bushes are there that she planted many years ago lining the long drive. She planted trees knowing that she would never see them grown, but so that we could see them generations later….. so cool. I slink around the yard of the house like a stalker because the new owner is reclusive and won’t come to the door…. and I have to do this! The goldfish pond is gone that she had put in and the strawberries that Nanny Leonard loved are long gone in the walled in garden to the side. But as I sit there, I can almost hear the house come back to life as it was back then. Yeah, I guess I do live the past a little…. but it just enriches my life today and makes me happy to be here , just knowing and being. God bless your day. SuzImageImageImage

4 thoughts on “A walk down memory lane

  1. I think you’d be surprised to know how much people enjoy hearing the stories about your family’s history. It’s incredible to learn about the people on whose shoulders we all stand. Lovely pictures and writing as always!

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