Come with me… the sea

mermaid sign9170240b5e25dca2421e19cedc39a54d        I found out yesterday that my blood pressure numbers seem to be very high. This was quite a surprise for me since I thought I was a pretty laid back person who kinda rolls with the punches, and my numbers are low if anything. So while I am waiting to get in with my doctor to see what next, I decided to try some extreme self care in the way of bubble bath, bible study, and some mermaid therapy….. it sounds crazy but for me it worked! I envisioned myself as a mermaid in a stream ( I know this is unrealistic for a mermaid, but just work with me here) and I am gently going with the current, looking up at the sky and trees and just floating. Occasionally I swim and notice the beautiful stones and the fish are swimming with me….and I notice that everything, the stones, the fish and even the water itself is praising and glorifying their creator. Then I reach the ocean and I look for shells down below and later sun myself on big rocks with the other mermaids, all the while hearing the cacophony of the whole ocean worshiping God. When I finally opened my eyes from the meditation I felt lighter, more freer than I have felt in a long time. I know mermaid therapy is not for everyone…. but for this landlocked, two legged one……. it’s working!



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