Home is where the heart roams.

I find great joy in going back home to the small town where I grew up. There is just something about slowing down, taking a deep breath and filling my lungs with sweet air that smells like pine, jasmine and earth. Yesterday I loaded up my grandmama , picked up some milkshakes and headed to the river landing where we sat under trees and took in the beauty of the fast moving river and the old oaks with spanish moss hanging down. People must have thought we were strange sitting in the car with the windows down, drinking our shakes, laughing and talking like there was no tomorrow… not in any kind of hurry, just being in the moment. I love being with this elderly southern belle who has traveled the world and has seen much life. I ask here if she could go anywhere in the world where would she be right now, Hawaii? Holland with all the tulips? Provence??? She answered ” Those are all nice places Suzanne, but where I want to be is right here, in Blountstown. I thought to myself the simplicity of just wanting to be home is the most delicious thing in the world….just being in the moment. Have a blessed day! Suz

" Being in the moment "
” Being in the moment “

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