Summertime, where the living is easy….

The early days of summer are intoxicating to me, even at my age….. the excitement of school letting out, the relief on the children’s faces as they throw off their back packs, not to be picked up for a few short months, and the start of a new adventure called summer time. For my brothers and I it meant swimming in a cold creek , watermelon breaks, 4-H garden planting, playing with our cousins and hanging out with our grandfather, away from our parents eyes as much as possible. Trips to the beach were looked forward to, but not the sunburns, sand packed bathing suits and the float that got away, as well as our kites! But it was all ok because it was always our adventure and at the end of the day, after playing games till it was too dark to see anymore and maybe toasting some marshmallows with coat hangers, and mama scrubbing every square inch of us in the tub…. we settled down in our beds with a fan going to keep us cool and drifted off the sleep on top of the sheets…. getting ready for our next big day of freedom… in the summertime of my life.Image

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