A love letter to Monet

 I am an armchair traveler..... I would love to travel but work and time as well as budget do not permit. But that doesn't keep me from dreaming and enjoying my life here in the Panhandle of Florida. I can slip over to our quaint French pastry shop some mornings and have coffee and a chocolate croissant, I also can make a side trip to our beautiful beaches and take in the warmth and beauty of our great state. I notice an artist friend of mine is painting in Paris at a wonderful artsy studio.... my girlfriends and I meet and paint and drink sangria with our brie and crackers. My girlfriend Letty, is from Mexico City and she is our exotic example of European living and can make any thing into an event to remember.... great panache ! Meanwhile I  painted this as a thank you to Claude Monet, a young woman sitting on the steps of Monet's home in France at Giverny. She is holding a love letter to a master of color and form that is long dead but still she can say thank you in her own way to an artist that left beauty in his path and a trail for us to find decades later. I may not be going to France this summer, but I am thousands of worlds away in my own little France...... hope your summer is takes you wonderful places too!  Bon voyage, Suz
A love letter to Monet by Suzanne Conner

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