Armchair Traveler

  I am an armchair traveler, not that I don’t like to travel but time and budget keep me tethered to my little world here in the Panhandle of Florida. I long to see Monet’s home at Giverny with the beautiful rose trees and his lily pad pond….. but since I can’t go there right now, I am content to paint my postcards of where I would like to go so this week it is France, next week it may be Florence, Italy or Greece….. or India. In the meantime I can head over to our quaint little french pastry shop and have a cup of strong coffee and a chocolate croissant . I can head over to our most beautiful beaches and bask in the warmth and loveliness of the coast and pretend I am Capri bound. Instead of painting in an artsy studio in Paris, like a friend of mine is doing as we speak, I can meet up with my girlfriends and drink wine and paint and laugh….. a lot! My girlfriend Letty is our exotic friend from Mexico City, beautiful and passionate, she can turn any occasion into an event…. I love that about her! So for now I will be happy in my little corner of the world and one of these days I will visit these places…Image but for now just be content with where I am.

3 thoughts on “Armchair Traveler

  1. I am simply loving your blog! Your writing truly reflects your amazing spirit! I’m so glad I had a chance to visit with you when I was in town a couple of weeks ago.

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