Seasonings of Life

IMG_1547                                    What season are you in right now? There is, as you know, seasons that we go through in our lives. A season to be young, a season to be a wife, then a mother, then you are…… just you. I am at a crossroad in my life, I am leaving a job that I took as a 27 year old single mother with a four year old daughter. She is now thirty one and I am leaving this place that has been my workplace, my creative workshop, my nest and am venturing out into the big, wide world. Giving myself a year to explore art, what inspires me, to see where my Lord sends me or puts in my path. My leap of faith. I am not afraid, I am God’s child and there is no need for fear…… just anticipation and excitement and a wee bit of jubilation! My season is the exploration of what God has in store for me, wholeheartedly, knowing that He is in control and I am in the palm of His mighty hand! God’s blessings to you and keep in touch with me, you too are part of His wonderful and exciting plan. Love, Suz

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