Cleaning Up and Out



” What lies behind us and what lies ahead of us are tiny matters compared to what lives within us”. Ralph Waldo Emerson

                              I am reading a wonderful book that a girlfriend gave me called Inspired Home by Leah Richardson. She is a designer who gets to the meat of the matter with decluttering your life and home…. and then your heart. The prayers that she offers up are soul cleansing, if I may say, making room for the good things that our Lord has to offer us. Leaving spaces so that you can breathe in and out. I am a believer of leaving space in the home, places for the eyes to rest, a sanctuary if you will. Not all walls need decor and  Mrs. Richardson emphasizes order and serenity , so appealing to many of us whose life borders on chaos and too much. She has scripture for every room of the house for peace, tranquility, rest. After being at home now for a month, I am looking around feeling overwhelmed at what I have accumulated after deaths in the family, and years of collecting…. I need to read this book!!! I need to delve into the word of God and study creation, orderly, not chaotic, simplistic. I want to cleanse my heart of impurities and let the light shine in and out…… This is my wish for us all today and the weeks ahead. God’s blessings, Suz    ” Fresh Peaches and Coffee “Image 

3 thoughts on “Cleaning Up and Out

  1. I met you today at the Art Walk and I absolutely loved your paintings. You offered my little daughter a small postcard type print as we were walking away, and you were looking for a mermaid. I asked you if you had one of the girl in the woods. I took one of your cards and I’m so glad I looked up your blog. It always makes my faith grow and my heart feel warm to see other people talk about their faith, especially artists. I have been teaching for the past 10 years, and wishing so much there was a way I could pursue my love of creating art other than a few hours a week. It’s inspiring to read your blog and just being in Apalach this weekend has been awesome for me and my family, so I just wanted to say thank you for sharing your stories with the world.

    1. Hi Jenny, It was a pleasure to meet you too! I love to see little girls reactions to my mermaids… they are always delighted I think! I give God all the glory for what I do, with out Him I am nothing. So glad we have our life preserver in Christ 🙂 Keep putting your dreams out there, God listened to mine and that leap of faith should have been scary but I trust that He is in control and when it is time for something else, He will close a door and open a window. We will praise Him in the Hallway for now! Thank you. Suz

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