Fear Of Flying


       I hope you all had a wonderful Memorial Day week-end. We enjoyed a quiet week- end here at home since I had been to the beach all week. I am very excited to be teaching some classes next month at Miss Mandy’s . What , you may ask , will be going on?  I do not claim to be a “teacher” of any kind, except to my two and three year old Sunday School lambs, but I want to have fun with it and take the fear out of art making. My qualifications are…. I love experimenting with color and pattern, I use my fingers sometimes to paint with, I love to share what I have learned these past three years on my own, in my own way. So I call this class ” The Art Of imperfection ” and perfection will be left at the door along with the tiara! Check with Jeanie for the details there at Miss Mandy’s here in Tallahassee  or email me for the details at connersuz59@yahoo.com . Till next time, Suz

flying angels

 ” What if I fall ?  Oh my darling, what if you fly? ”









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