Life Standing Still


It is the middle of summer and the days are slowly rolling by, rainstorms everyday, my cucumbers in the garden are waning, and I feel like time is standing still. I like it…. for a girl who tends to rush through life and have been known to zone out just to get through the days, it is pretty darn great. When you slow down and live in the moment you begin to savor things…. blessings that seem to drop out of heaven…sometimes in disguise, friendships, memories like sweet notes from a favorite song, pull me into it’s lullaby, Troubles come and you know that you will be ok. This is life, my life, my totally crazy, paint filled, spirit filled, imperfect life. I just want to wake up on air dried sheets, and snap a mess of beans, have a root beer float, go swimming in a creek. I want to be outside till it gets dark and watch the bats come out of the trees, I want to lay in the grass and watch the stars , gasping when a shooting star travels across the sky, I want to spend time with my girlfriends and laugh and paint our nails. I want to hold hands with my husband and slow dance when the music is just right….. I want to watch the dragonflies come in their masses and fill the air with iridescence, what a summer…. what a life. I hope your summer is filled with the wonderful things in life, slow down, and savor the moment. Till next time, Suz

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