Pink Houses

Memaw's houseThis is where a part of me still lives, in my hometown, in my late grandmother’s childhood home. I love that the palm trees and bridal wreath shrubs are still there lining the driveway. I love that the grape arbor still produces scuppernong and black grapes and is the perfect height for children since my great grandmother was a tiny woman. There are many secrets, and tears, and laughter still in these walls, I would love to explore it and just sit on the front porch and drink a glass of tea in this stifling heat of August in North Florida. I don’t know why I am so drawn to the past here. I try to live in the moment and not look back all the time, but I feel very drawn to this house and the surrounding property that we used to live on. I dream about an old house often and the strange thing is, is that for the past five years I painted pink houses in almost every painting I have done. Then last year I went to see my grandmother and decided I would walk over and take some pictures of the old house where she grew up. I stopped dead in my tracks realizing this was the pink house I kept painting in my artwork! How funny it is that  our minds and hearts still hold on to memories that we didn’t even know we had. As I walked back to my grandmother’s home, I was and am thankful that despite all the hurriedness and craziness of these times, that in my mind I can sit on a porch, drink iced tea and visit with all that have come and gone from this grand old pink house.

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