Three Girls

Recently I had the pleasure of taking a long awaited trip to St. Teresa Beach with two of my dearest friends . We have been good friends since our senior year of high school and it still amazes me that even though we have all gone different paths over the past almost forty years, we can still get together and we are three girls again. We don’t notice the wrinkles in the corner of our eyes, because laugh lines are a sign of a life well lived. We don’t pay attention to the extra pounds because we have children, albeit grown, and have supped and dined and cooked for them and with them…..and it was time well spent. Two of us paint together because we have discovered that in order to be authentic we had to dig deep to find that there were artists down deep inside. Later we join the third out by the shore where she is decompressing from her hectic and busy job…. that she loves. We get our Pandora on with The Eagles, Boz Scaggs, Crosby Stills and Nash along with some more modern mix that we can’t even begin to know what they are singing about! At night we gathered around the table and shared laughs, wine, roasted veggies and chicken salad…. just like back in the days of gathering in this same kitchen so many years ago. I treasure these girls, their stories, their laughter and their friendship . We are blessed indeed. Love, Suzthree graces

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