Change Of Seasoning

I love the change of seasons…. every single one of them. There is something particularly wonderful about Fall though. Even though my schedule seems to get very busy, my soul wants to slow down and prepare . Prepare for what? I am not sure but it wants everything to slow down to take it all in, to be in the moment, it’s like my soul wants to take a polaroid shot and then wait patiently to see the results. The animals get instinctively busier preparing for the winter, I watch the hummingbirds outside my window getting that last little bit of nectar from the salvia, the squirrels are going nuts gathering them. Maybe for me it is a season of reflection, maybe it is just where I am in my life also, in the autumn of it all. Children grown and married, second career underway, not a perfect life…. but a life in progress. My thought today is to go outside, gather some leaves, pick the last of the hydrangeas that have bloomed and give thanks to my God for his perfect timing in everything. Have a blessed day….and Happy Fall Ya’ll! Many blessings, Suz

P.S. A wonderful blog to check out is Yes and Amen,art journaling Junelle photographs her life on a farm with the sweetest little lambs and sheep and I love taking her art journaling classes.

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