The Path Home

path homeWhere is home for you? Is it a place, a memory, or a group of friends and family that sustain you? Every once in awhile I go back to my childhood home and the memories hit me like a freight train. The rustle of the palm trees and pines, the fragrance the honeysuckle that covers a trellis at the back door, the camellias that look like ruby red evening gowns… these are the things that take me back home. To a more innocent age where children ran free without worry of evil,and we had to be coaxed back in at dark to take our baths and settle into bed. There is just a sense of belonging that I would love to bottle up and take back to my present home. So I guess it really is a mixture of things that make up home. It is the smell of biscuits and coffee in the morning,and a cheery greeting from a loved one when I struggle to wake up. It is friends and family dropping by on Sunday to check in and maybe share a slice of pie and coffee. It is always having a pitcher of Luzianne tea in the fridge and bible study in the library every morning . It is a string of wonderful little rituals, activities and moments that define our day. Being mindful of the moment will lead me back down the path home and home is where I love to be! Have a blessed week and enjoy your time at home! Suz

5 thoughts on “The Path Home

  1. I love this. A friend and I were just discussing how home can be many different things but the feeling of peace is irreplaceable.

  2. I was just thinking of “home” today as I played Legos and did another load of laundry. My home now is so far from all I had known but there are so many bits and pieces that I keep with me that remind me of home.

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