Band Of Angels



It has been a busy, busy couple of months getting ready for some shows I enjoy participating in here in Tallahassee. You definitely learn your strengths as well as weaknesses when you are painting non stop for two and three months straight. Let me tell you though, I would not trade it for anything. I am learning to let loose and play like a child with my paintings . Always being a rather tight , wound up person, it is so freeing to just give in to it all. I started painting for grief therapy , thanks to a wonderful Christian counselor who encouraged me to find a space of my own, decorate it like a child’s room and just go “be” myself. So I did, I painted my old bedroom a pale pink, hung mermaids from the ceiling, put about a thousand post it notes everywhere with positive affirmations all over the walls…. and slowly but surely began to accept myself of my imperfections, just as my God does, and forgive myself. This is paramount in becoming who you were meant to be, and letting God work through your gifts. Your gift is unique to you, just like this band of angels. One plays the flute, another prays , another uses her voice…. all glorifying God with their distinct gifts. God receives this love letter like a wonderful fragrance wafting up to please Him. He loves it when we accept who we are after all the planning that He put into creating us. So thank Him for your freckles, your funny nose, your blush and giggle and know that this is very pleasing to Him and He would not have it any other way!  Have a blessed week! Suz

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