Being Mindful

I have been so long in posting, it has been a busy season, but I miss writing on my blog! One of the busies on my list is my Art Journaling class I have been leading at one of the cutest shops here, Miss Mandy’s . One day when I was teaching a painting/texture class , I brought in my art journal to demonstrate painting falling leaves and Jeanie, the owner, wanted to have classes to demonstrate. I use an old book, Simple Abundance, and gesso the pages , then paste, paint, write, whatever, to put my thoughts down, my dreams, accomplishment, etc.

The reason I even got started with this was after being told my my therapist that I had zoned out for years and was not really present with what was going on around me, I was devastated. I said I would never put myself on autopilot again! I wanted to be in the moment, ever present and focused in my life. So I decided journaling would be beneficial and of course then I started to illustrate with doodles, images, and ephemera that I had around .

To say that I have been blessed by these classes is an understatement. Evidently I am not the only one who craves mindfulness, alignment with our God, encouragement and all the wonderful benefits of this simple act of creating. Creating in itself, is therapeutic , since we are all given gifts, albeit different gifts, we are connecting to the Divine. Especially when we do this to glorify Him. So just pull out your pencils and doodle pad… write down what is going on today, what you are thankful for, what your hope is for this day, today…. color in with markers or colored pencils and just get lost in it. You won’t be sorry! Blessings, Suzart journalingapril art journal

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