The Child In Me

Recently I was feeling a little homesick for my mama and grandmother and started reading some accounts of family history from my grandmother Mary. She was recounting when she and my grandfather Cary got married and he tied branches to the back of the car so when it was going down the dirt roads , it kicked up a lot of dust and was quite a spectacle. My grandmother , with no humor in her voice said ” It was the child in him”. I can’t help it, it was what attracted children to my grandfather like bees to honey. He was the pied piper and we are the hoard of rats following him everywhere he went. There is nothing wrong with letting our inner child come out to play, mine has been coming out lately…. thanks to a lot of creative  play and some solitude ( which is necessary to coax that kiddo out). Sometimes, if you got married early and had children early, like I did, your inner child puts away her toys and sometimes forgets how to play. Everything is so serious and you can’t laugh at your self…. not good. I guess it is my age, the losses I have lived through, finding out who I truly am that has changed. Trusting in my Savior, knowing that I am loved immensely by the God who created the stars and starfish, I can let go and remember how to play.2013-03-11 09.09.24 My daughter loves that I can play again, we giggle, drink wine, giggle some more, she never put her toys away, and for that I am truly envious. So its ok, to be that little child, see the world from the ground level, belly laugh, watch the clouds, watch the stars and one day, if I am lucky, someone will say ” It was the child in her”.

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