A Warming Trend

During this hustle and bustle of busyness, I decided to slow down a bit. After all the art shows and classes and joyful events…. weariness set in and knowing that a recharge was needed was evident. We were not going to even put up a true Christmas tree, not that we weren’t in the spirit, but we were just going to take it easy. But a single friend of ours, Rick, saw the need and brought over his own pre lit tree that soon was decked out in our favorite ornaments and that act of kindness warmed us.

Then the mother of a friend of ours passed away on Saturday, even though she was battling that robber of memory, it had been very hard on our friend and family who had been the sole caretakers, really the soul caretakers of her for the past five and a half years. I watched my husband kick into gear by baking a ham and friends coming together to surround this friend and her family with love, and comfort…. and that act of kindness warmed me.

Sitting here in the dark just before dawn, with husband hunting this morning and I am alone, I am thinking that this life is not about “I”, it is when we are loving one another and not thinking about ourselves that we were and are truly made for. We come alive and that is a true sign of what God, our Father, made us for. To love one another, just as He loved us by sending a baby one night, on a clear and starry night. When humanity met divinity to save us all…. and that act of kindness and extreme love warms me.

Merry Christmas friends , I pray this Christmas warms your soul . With much love,     Suz


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