The Importance Of Girlfriends…

I hope this summer is finding you staying cool, enjoying life, maybe slowing down a bit. Maybe calling a few girlfriends to get together for drinks, shopping expeditions, or a movie. Usually there are only a few that you share your innermost thoughts, dreams and day to day life with. We know many, and love many, but a handful of people are who you can shed all artifice with and you know they will still love you tomorrow.

It is important to have this group because we all have the need to belong, to a tribe, it is right up there with shelter, food, etc. It is a strong current in us, we know when we are not getting enough friend time, and also when we need to pull away for some quiet time alone.  I know that when I lost my mother, and then my grandmother five years later, I felt very alone. My daughter and I were the only ones left of the Steel Magnolias that was this four generations of women. They were so much stronger than me, I thought. How can I take up the reins of the ties that bind with my daughter?  I felt wobbly, unsure of myself…. how can I do this? These women were strong and opinionated , southern to their core, I can’t do this alone!

And I found out I was never alone, my girlies surrounded me with love, support,  and they lifted me up onto stable ground. My daughter being the strongest of all. I had not anticipated the strength that had passed on to me, my daughter , and the women that I surrounded my self with. Each had a gift to offer, generosity, prayer for daily life, understanding, pimento cheese with pecans, a beach house weekend, the gifts stacked up and I hoped that I had brought as much to the table as this circle of women had for me.

So in these hot summer days, and on those cold winter nights, I reach out to these ladies for friendship and companionship, and feel blessed to be called their friend. You know who you are and I love each of you!          In Christ, Suz

p.s. I called this painting “Girl Talk”, but when my husband saw it he named it ” Girls On The Rocks”! I thought it was very fitting, and his name stuck.

Girl Talk
girl talk

Things to do with your girlfriends this summer… have a slumber party with a good chick flick movie, popcorn, and pineapple margaritas…. have an arts and crafts day together and do something you have always wanted to try….. go antiquing and then out to lunch… go lipstick shopping for new summer colors….. go on a beach day complete with pimento cheese sandwiches, cold tea, pickles and chips… and plenty of sunscreen… retreat somewhere, recently my friend Maria invited us to her grandparents cottage out in the country where we laughed, picked blueberries, slept in old iron beds with fresh cotton spreads. It was such a treat, and we saw where she came from, wonderful….breakfast at a fun little spot, where they serve french pastries and cafe au lait! Whatever you do, just enjoy and be present in your own life.

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