A place to call our own

January 9, 2017

When I was growing up, I often searched out places  to hide out and read, draw, or ponder. In a family of extroverts, I was an oddity, or so I felt. My brothers told me no one knew that they had a sister, but that was ok with me! I just wanted to be alone, it may not have seemed healthy , but to me it was a time for me to recharge, renew and be creative.

These days, I don’t hide out in my room, I do have a studio to play in and paint and read all day some days. I do have my places I like to travel to that invigorate me. Since I live so close to the coast, small villages call to me, like Apalachicola, St. George, and Mexico Beach. There is just something about the coast that calls me, fresh air, small town friendliness ,  and the townspeople are characters right out of books!  I will rent a small sea captain’s cottage in Apalach when I need to recharge and hide out from the world. It is magical to me, we all need that in our lives. A place to go.

So the next time you feel like you are coming out of your skin, or need that alone time, time to just be you, carve out a space somewhere. Refresh your self with a book, a long nap, a travel brochure, a sketchbook and pencils, a pot of hot tea…. whatever gives you that peaceful, hopeful, glad to be alive moment and enjoy. I call it Bliss.

Yours truly, Suzanne



6 Responses to “A place to call our own”

  1. Mary Jane said

    I relate to every word of this! It took me decades to realize it’s ok to be quiet when you have a big family of outgoing personalities. Love your posts, and your paintings!

    • connersuz said

      Thank you for reading Mary Jane! It took many years before I found out that I was just wired differently than most people. I need more time to process ideas and solutions to problems, so glad I am not alone!

  2. lizzie said

    I love these paintings of the little girl and mom at the cottage. I still fondly remember Arlene’s beach cottage. What a truly magical place. The panhandle is a special place. And I especially love it in the winter.

  3. connersuz said

    I know, it is a magical place isn’t it? You will have to take your children there sometime Lizzie, it hasn’t changed very much.

    • lizzie said

      We were able to go to St. George Island when we went 3 years ago and a giant sea turtle swam by us! I loved the bear crossing signs along the way. My husband was blown away by how untouched it was. Oh my heart wishes to go back very soon.

  4. connersuz said

    It really is so beautiful there! Bring them back!!!

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