Even though I am in my fifties, nearing sixty, there is something about the first days of summer that has me feeling like a kid again. I start dreaming about going swimming, sleeping in, reading some good summery books, going to the beach… I pull out my white shorts, button down men’s shirts and sandals, which is my summer uniform, let my hair go crazy curly, and I am ready for whatever adventure lies ahead!

For many years I would stay in a cottage in Apalachicola, which calls itself a drinking village with a fishing problem. It is a quaint little fishing town a couple of hours away and has always been the perfect getaway. I spent my days reading on the front porch, shopping in town at the cute little shops, eating at great little cafes or finding supper at a wonderful restaurant in town. Nights were for movies, lots of wine, and sitting up watching the shrimper’s lights twinkling out on the water of the bay. It is pure heaven when you are there.

These days not so much traveling, but I can still achieve that wonderful feeling of summer here at home. My husband is getting one of those neat galvanized horse troughs for me for those cool dips in my back patio. I light candles all over the house, prepare simple dishes that are light and slightly on the Mediteranean side, watch movies like Mama Mia, Under the Tuscan sun, A Good Year, that take me to the places I dream of traveling to, without leaving home.
All in all, I feel a change coming over me… to enjoy life, maybe a slower life, and be grateful for wherever I am at the moment.

Here’s to a fun, slow summer! xoxo,


p.s. photo of Apalachicola, Florida by Shannon Lease, resident of the town and chief enjoyer of life there!

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