Your time as a caterpillar has expired… your wings are ready.

Art can be life changing, for the artist and the viewer in my experience. Before I started creating art, I was what Julia Cameron of ” The Artist Way”, called a shadow artist. I collected art , was obsessed with it. I felt like it was connecting me to my deepest heart desires ( not even realizing it at the time ). Every piece I acquired brought me a little closer to something I could not put my finger on, but it made my soul soar.

While in grief therapy after the deaths of my family members , I felt lost, wondering what I was doing in this life. Big holes were left in me, and I looked to a counselor for help. He recommended that I do something creative, that I liked doing as a child. So armed with canvas and a few pots of paint, I started painting my mother’s garden, my memories of growing up in rural North Florida and it began to pour out of me. I began to align with my Creator in a meaningful way by creating. Simply put, being creative was helping me to find myself  and my God.

These days I am painting everyday, or journaling, or thinking about it! I feel very blessed to be on the other side of my grief , joy fills me up. I still have pangs of sadness at the loss of my mother and brother, but it softens, and I feel so happy to have known them in this life.

If you are in a season of sadness or loss, or maybe you are trying to find yourself in this fast paced, chaotic world don’t forget… you have the answer of your longing inside of you. God hardwired us to connect with Him by creating. Be it baking cakes, working on car engines, caring for babies and children, writing, painting, singing, dancing… you are connecting. Praise Him above!!!

For now, Suzanne


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