What She Said… “she had traveled the world and had seen many beautiful places but she still loved home the best”.

I recently had an epiphany. My friends and family could have told you this about me, but I just realized that I am a storyteller. It runs in my family, my great grandmother Yates, my grandfather Yates, my dad, my brother … all storytellers.

I have been in a mentoring class with a wonderful teacher Matt Tommey and he suggests that in a creative business figure out what your strengths are and go deep, not wide with what you do. Focus in. This is when I realized that family stories are vital to me. I love genealogy and was the kid who squeezed in between the adults when they were rehashing old stories, until they chased me out to go play .

So it was no surprise when I came across old letters that I felt the need to incorporate them into my art. I combined my illustrations with a sentence or two that harkened back to something my grandmother Mary,  or my mama Carol or any of the wonderful characters I have grown up with said. So I beg their forgiveness for sharing their wonderful little sayings and stories and hope to honor them by sharing ” What she said…”

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