Summertime… where the living is easy?


I don’t know about you, but summer time used to be a lot better. Every year when the children get out of school, I still feel that wonderful feeling aaahhhhh…… That great feeling of freedom, shorts and  flip-flops rule, and more leisure time to explore. Then the next week I realize that I am not on summer vacation, things are not easier, and what was I thinking???

Plan B,  I gather my wits about me and decide I am the only one that can make my summer better… it is up to me to change it. So I ask myself , what made me so happy when I was a girl ?   I loved to read good books, not so much TV,  taking long walks in our neighborhood in Blountstown. We also made eating fresh a priority, watermelon with salt sprinkles was a wonderful treat, or fresh peaches which ruined our tee shirts . Eating okra meant picking okra, and shelling peas was a routine thing, but it was okay. My brothers and I loved to ride our bikes and make forts with the neighborhood kids. We stayed out late and watched for the lightening bugs which still thrills me to this day. We caught tadpoles and dreamed of getting rich selling frogs for bait. We slept on top of the sheets with the fans blowing, went to Vacation Bible School and it was all good with me.

It dawned on me that simple is always best. It is much better to play with friends than it is to beat the crowds at Disney. It is better to eat at home and eat well with fresh food than to order half fresh salads and entrees at restaurants . It was better to sit in the truck with my honey and listen to music on the radio than to be part of a crazy concert scene. It is better to go back to a simpler life and unplug from my phone and iPad , at least for longer periods of time. It is better to be happy with what I have instead of look for things that aren’t  necessary and and are impulsive. Slowly but surely I am building my best summer vacation. It may not mean any fancy trips somewhere fabulous, only to that place that reminds me who I really am and what makes me happy. Now excuse me while I eat a delicious South Carolina peach from the farmers market and get out that summertime book.

xoxo, Suzanne


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