Keeping Our Ship Pointed North

When leaving on a trip or going back to college after a family get together , my dad would hug us kids and tell us to ” Be Particular ” or  ” Keep your ship pointed north “. He needed to tell us this because after all of us going through a tough divorce with our parents, my brothers and I were a bit on the rebellious side, taking risks we shouldn’t have, looking for adventure… you know of what I speak . He needed to remind us not to lose our heads or our hearts foolishly. Now at a much older age, I miss that friendly reminder to keep our heads up, carry on in a fashion that would make him proud, especially during difficult times…. well we are there.

Hurricane Michael was the start of that difficult time , especially for us in the Florida Panhandle and parts of Georgia. It hit us like a ton of bricks and the implications are devastating. Family, friends and neighbors were all affected , some worse that others. It has been a most humbling time for myself and others dealing with people that had lost their homes, businesses, churches, people. Some close to me are saying how do I start over at 65 years old , how do I do this? I wish I had the right answer for them that would be like a balm to them, but I say ” Just take it one day at a time”, ” God never leaves our side”, but their eyes well up with tears and the sadness of the times make me quiet and I just hug them.

The news has forgotten these little towns in the midst of politics and elections and it just infuriated me that people are hungry for the next horrific news. Forget that there at least a thousand people missing at Mexico Beach that are washing up or buried under sand or large structures. People sleeping in cars and tents, and children going to school barefooted because they have lost everything. The news disgust me with the rattling of political bones, recounts, so shallow and so trending. I can’t take the media anymore. So what do I say in the meantime to  people who are trying to rebuild their lives?

God is so with you every moment and does not leave your side , and keep your ship pointed north. I wish I had more to say but it just seemed like the best answer. xo, Suzanne



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