A Warming Trend

December 24, 2015

During this hustle and bustle of busyness, I decided to slow down a bit. After all the art shows and classes and joyful events…. weariness set in and knowing that a recharge was needed was evident. We were not going to even put up a true Christmas tree, not that we weren’t in the spirit, but we were just going to take it easy. But a single friend of ours, Rick, saw the need and brought over his own pre lit tree that soon was decked out in our favorite ornaments and that act of kindness warmed us.

Then the mother of a friend of ours passed away on Saturday, even though she was battling that robber of memory, it had been very hard on our friend and family who had been the sole caretakers, really the soul caretakers of her for the past five and a half years. I watched my husband kick into gear by baking a ham and friends coming together to surround this friend and her family with love, and comfort…. and that act of kindness warmed me.

Sitting here in the dark just before dawn, with husband hunting this morning and I am alone, I am thinking that this life is not about “I”, it is when we are loving one another and not thinking about ourselves that we were and are truly made for. We come alive and that is a true sign of what God, our Father, made us for. To love one another, just as He loved us by sending a baby one night, on a clear and starry night. When humanity met divinity to save us all…. and that act of kindness and extreme love warms me.

Merry Christmas friends , I pray this Christmas warms your soul . With much love,     Suz


Missing Home

November 17, 2015


I have been going, going, and gone for awhile now. Preparing for art shows, teaching classes, making ornaments…. I want to slow down, spend some time with my Lord, quiet time to realign myself, to listen, to rest and invigorate . I want to go home to Blountstown where I hail from but have not lived there for many years. I want to sit by the Apalachicola or Chipola river and just watch the water go by, I want to crunch leaves down a forgotten path, I want to go to old homesteads where family meals were shared along with old stories, good food, good people. I am missing home. I miss burn piles, leaf piles, hot chocolate with marshmallows, corduroy pants, flannel shirts, playing with cousins, hearing my name being hollered out to come wash up for supper… or dinner. I miss faces and voices that are gone now . I even miss deer being dressed in the back yard, and bags full of soft quail… knowing that a wonderful meal was soon to be had. I miss exploring with my grandfather, listening to my mama and grandma gossip in whispers, I miss a picture being taken of the Thanksgiving table because my grandaddy was so proud to have good food on the table. I miss them.  Don’t get me wrong, I am so grateful for all that I have family wise. A sweet husband, darling daughter and a wonderful son in law, aunts and uncles and cousins. My cup runneth over in so many ways. Eucharisteo, giving thanks for everything in all circumstances. I just am missing home. A place that is burned on me, deeply rooted in who I am. I am grateful for the memories that the good Lord has blessed me with and for all those that loom ahead. Be thankful, Eucharisteo, giving thanks just as richly as we have been given. xoxo, Suzanne

p.s. the painting is of a creek in Calhoun County painted from a photo of Jim McClellan’s.

‘Tis The Season

December 22, 2014

Well, it’s is almost that time. The presents are almost all wrapped, there is a pot of Lady Grey tea brewing everyday in the kitchen, cookies have been baked and given away, the house cleaned….. it’s time to relax a little, review my lists and snug in for a nice quiet Christmas. The older I get, the more I want to slow down and take in the sights, smells and sounds of the season.deer

When I want to experience the colors and lights of the season I tend to go to Pinterest for inspiration. but if I take a hike to a local nursery here in town, I find the visual is equally stunning and inspiring.lonny christmaThe bulbs are blooming, narcissus, amaryllis, hyacinth are all bursting forth with wonderful color and smells. The freshness of the outdoors that is brought inside helps the long cold months ahead and make me, for a short while, content with the greenery.

I finally slowed down with my painting commissions and classes so I can enjoy the season a bit more. I wander over to Au Peche Mignon, a little french patisserie topatesierpick out something delectable to go with my cafe au lait..then pick up a box to go for Christmas festivities. The smells of baking goodies and the aroma of strong, perking coffee are like catnip for me. Very satisfying.

Then the sounds take me away to a different place. The amazing sounds of Pentatonix a cappella rival any cathedral I have ever visited. There is the sound of the winter birds feeding on our seed and the happy chirping that goes with it. I love the crackle of leaves as I walk to the mailbox to check for cards and letters. I look forward to our Christmas Eve service at church, the beautiful old music welcoming the Christ child into the world…. pure bliss.

I pray this season is a wonderful one for you, it is a contemplative time for all of us. To wonder and ponder on the joy that sets before us in the new year. God’s blessings to you all, Suzanne

Pinterest pics

Getting Twiggy With It

December 3, 2012

I hope this post finds you all in the Christmas spirit and doing well. I have the house decorated, although simply, and all I need to do is a berry and branch run. There is always a little bit of a battle in our house when it comes to adorning the rooms…… its glitz versus natural. My husband loves the more the merrier, baubles, shiny, sparkle and myself, I love gathering branches, wonderful smelling greenery, berries, rosemary topiaries and narcissus bulbs….. you see where I am going! But after 20 something years of being together we are finally getting this thing down. I had an almost brilliant idea of unwinding a grapevine wreath to wrap around the tree , I could envision ornaments hanging from it and looking very woodsy. What I got was the biggest slinky in history and it was me getting wrapped around the tree! It was springing out in places that looked like a tumbleweeds had landed in our Panhandle Christmas tree. After Bryant detached it and me from the tree, I found a safer place to put my brilliant idea and Bryant is still giggling about the scenes that played out in our little home. God bless your week! Suz


From whom all blessings flow

November 21, 2012


The year is rapidly coming to a close as the holiday season unfolds. Typically I go into a panic with decisions, what to serve for holiday meals, should we send out cards this year, what in the world will I get family members for gifts……. not this year. It has been a year of gifts for me already. Blessings have abounded all year for our family. Don’t get me wrong, it hasn’t been a year of no pain, hardships or financial crunch, but it has been a stellar year for blessings. This year I saw my nephews that had been lost to me , each smile from them was a gift to me. I experienced, to my surprise, the joy of finding out what my gifts are and learning to use them to hopefully glorify my Creator. My husband found peace with a family situation that was heart wrenching to us both. My daughter and son-in-law grew as artists and creative forces. So, I am not so concerned with so much this season. I just want to praise God from whom all blessings flow…….. and maybe have another slice of that pumpkin pie! God bless your Thanksgiving holiday, Suz