Check It Out…

It has been ages since I posted here at Fireflyevenings. Only because I decided to work outside the home a few days a week so I can see people. I missed the camaraderie of working along side others, but trying to still keep up with my art. I have two shows coming up soon so I thought I would let you in on what is going on. My first show of the year will be in Tallahassee at the Women’s Club in Los Robles on March 13th, Sunday. It starts at 10 am and is hosted by the Jr. League here in town. In early April, the Apalachicola Art Walk will be going on, this is my third year and am always excited about this show. I hope you can make it over there, it is a wonderful little piece of paradise. I am having a lot of fun doing my thing in art, experimenting some and seeing what comes from it. My art journaling classes at Miss Mandy’s are going full steam ahead, I love this class and it has helped me to  be more mindful and present in my life. Last year seemed to loll instead of fly by because we were celebrating each month and making observations in our journal. Check Miss Mandy’s Facebook page for her calendar of classes. So much art, so little time!

So, I am happy to say that Spring looks like it has sprung here in the Florida Panhandle. The camellias and azaleas are blooming side by side, daffodils are popping up along with my narcissus bulbs and our strawberry plants have decided it is time to make strawberries! It makes me happy to be out in nature and take in all the beauty it has to offer. God created all this beauty for us, to see, to smell, to feel. He reminded me of that yesterday when after a grueling day , I was walking my little puppy, feeling bone tired and a little down. I prayed that God’s grace would blanket me and I prayed for His peace to come upon me. I looked up at the sky and all the colors that were on display and I felt God was saying to me, Look at what I have made for you. All this beauty I made for you, to show you how much I love you. It reminded me of Christ’s love for me and I walked home feeling lighter and smiling. So, go outside and breathe in that clear, cool air, look up at the clouds and blue sky and don’t forget to say thank you for all that has been done for us. Have a wonderful day!  xoxo, Suz