Just peeking in to say Hi!

November 5, 2015

It has been a busy month, I had intended to write more but birthdays, Halloween, and  art shows got in the way. I have also been reading a lot. One Thousand Gifts by Ann Voskamp has been a real treat to read. Her book resonates with eucharisteo, giving thanks to God for all things and putting a name to it on her list. It is simply beautiful, and inspires me to do the same. It may seem insignificant to someone else, but gratitude for the large and small things in our lives are like incense rising to our Almighty Father. Love it!!!

I have been sketching a lot, it is something I have enjoyed doing, especially when I was a young girl. But lately I have had creative bursts, and instead of painting or writing, I get out a Number 2 pencil and a kneaded eraser and let my mind just go! It is a little like flying, a few shaky tries and then all of a sudden…. I am sailing. Good for the soul. I encourage anyone to do something that makes you feel young again, especially in the creative pool.

I have several more shows going on this Fall and Winter. This month, the 14th and 15th, Saturday and Sunday, I will be at Tallahassee Nurseries for the Artisians In The Garden. I am making new Christmas ornaments, a few new paintings and lots of new cards and prints. I also will have my Art Journaling class at Miss Mandy’s later this month, Tuesday November 17th. One class is at 9 am, the other is at 6.30 pm. Our theme will be A Thankful Heart, counting our blessings even in the ordinary things. On November 12th, I will be teaching a Christmas Ornament class at The Brush and Palette… intuitive painting I might add! I like different looks for Christmas ornaments and we always have fun there at Tyler’s shop!

I hope you have a blessed month, I am looking forward to all the good things that come with the month of November. xoxo  Suz



September 23, 2015

” This is what the Lord says: ” Stand at the crossroads and look; ask for the ancient paths, ask where the good way is, and walk in it, and you will find rest for your souls”. Jeremiah 6:16

   In January of our Art Journaling class at Miss Mandy’s, we discussed the beginning our journey for the year, where we were headed, what would we pack for the journey, how would we get there? Now we are closing in on the year very soon, and we are transitioning into Fall. Leaves, grass, all of nature begins to pack up, change color, change location and starts to wither. Gearing up for rest, and a time to go within. We too, are at cross road of sorts, packing away our summer things, saying goodbye to the casual, carefree summer and looking forward to the Fall of our year. Time to reflect, put our house in order as well as our hearts and minds. Being grateful for all that we have and know that our Lord provides just like he does for the rest of creation. Slow down, pause in the crazy chaos of our busy lives, and breathe in, breathe out. You are almost there.   Suz

You have made known to me the paths of life; you will fill me with joy in your presence”. Acts 2:28


lynda and vickie




marjorie and emily


goodbye summer… hello fall!

00460006I can almost feel Fall in the air…. almost. My enthusiasm for the upcoming season fills me with a sense of adventure and promise! The subtle changes here in Flordia are the leaves start coloring up, I drag the fire pit out where I can visit with friends when they drop by, with a toddy…. soup suppers, a crispness in the air. I always feel like it is the first Fall of my life. Speaking of adventure, My list of upcoming events may want you to throw on an apron, pull out your paint pots and sketchbook, and lose yourself in the creative process! This is a list of upcoming events, things may be added but you can contact me if you have any questions. I will be posting here as they come up.

September 2015

10th- Brush and Palette ” Intuitive Painting” , an exercise to unleash your creative beast! This is a night class. Contact Tyler there for more details

15th- Miss Mandy’s ( behind Calico Jacks ) here in Tallahassee “ Fall Leaves“. This is a night class where we will paint falling leaves with acrylic paint on canvas. 6.30-8.30 pm.

21st– Miss Mandy’s. ” The Art Of Imperfection Art Journaling“. This is a morning class to help us to be more mindful, creative, and cultivate gratitude in a journal . The theme is Goodbye Summer, Hello Fall. 9 am- 11 am, please call ahead to Miss Mandy’s to reserve a spot.

22nd– Miss Mandy’s- More Art Journaling, a night class for the night owls of you. 6.30pm-8.30pm.  Please call Jeanie at Miss Mandy’s to reserve your spot!

26thA thank you to all my lovely ladies who come to my classes, buy my art and cards… I am grateful for every single one of you. Come by and say hello and see my new cards and put your name in for a drawing… something fun! 11am- 4pm. My house, contact me for directions.

Please contact me at connersuz59@yahoo.com if you have a question.

Why Art Journal?

August 16, 2015


                                         One of the themes of Art Journaling class I lead was ” Your Happy Place”. It was so interesting to see these ladies cut, glue and paint the places that make their soul sing. In essence, these classes we are more like excavating ourselves, finding out what makes us tick in a way. We have talked about our journeys , casting worries to the wind, love letters from God, on the road again…. I feel like I have been excavating myself along with them. The reason I started my art journal was because I had zoned out of my life for periods of time, stuffing down life and putting myself on auto pilot…. not a good way to live and not much in the way of experiencing life. After family deaths brought up much unprocessed grief and painful peeling back of the layers of my life, I knew I wanted to live life to the fullest, as God had intended. So this year I had decided to be more present in my life and journal this year. All I can say is that it has been a blessing for me, not just for myself but side by side with these amazing women who share their stories, colored pencils and coffee once a month. In my night class we drink wine and cheese and I have giggled and teared up more than a couple of times hearing the stories.

This month our theme is ” Every Quilt Has A Story, What Is Yours?” The quilt of our lives… mismatched squares that piece together to make our life. We also will talk about our gifts, what we bring to the table in this life. Are you an encourager, do you love helping the elderly, teach little ones, plant beautiful gardens, paint….. all God given gifts that if used properly, bring glory to our Creator, and help to our fellow man, and especially to us it unleashes our real selves for the world to see. We become more aligned with our Creator and our souls are set free to fly. What wonderment in that!

We do this once a month at Miss Mandy’s if you are interested in joining, or if you see another class that offers this somewhere else, do your self a favor and join in. It doesn’t matter where, just be ready to do some digging and soul searching, and illustrating your wonderful, invincible, beautiful self!   Much love, Suz

Being Mindful

April 29, 2015

I have been so long in posting, it has been a busy season, but I miss writing on my blog! One of the busies on my list is my Art Journaling class I have been leading at one of the cutest shops here, Miss Mandy’s . One day when I was teaching a painting/texture class , I brought in my art journal to demonstrate painting falling leaves and Jeanie, the owner, wanted to have classes to demonstrate. I use an old book, Simple Abundance, and gesso the pages , then paste, paint, write, whatever, to put my thoughts down, my dreams, accomplishment, etc.

The reason I even got started with this was after being told my my therapist that I had zoned out for years and was not really present with what was going on around me, I was devastated. I said I would never put myself on autopilot again! I wanted to be in the moment, ever present and focused in my life. So I decided journaling would be beneficial and of course then I started to illustrate with doodles, images, and ephemera that I had around .

To say that I have been blessed by these classes is an understatement. Evidently I am not the only one who craves mindfulness, alignment with our God, encouragement and all the wonderful benefits of this simple act of creating. Creating in itself, is therapeutic , since we are all given gifts, albeit different gifts, we are connecting to the Divine. Especially when we do this to glorify Him. So just pull out your pencils and doodle pad… write down what is going on today, what you are thankful for, what your hope is for this day, today…. color in with markers or colored pencils and just get lost in it. You won’t be sorry! Blessings, Suzart journalingapril art journal