Memaw's house


A couple of years ago, I went through a terrible time in my life. Plain and simple, I lost two family members within six months of each other. I always thought I was a strong person, having been a single mama with a sweet little girl, working hard to get somewhere, I thought I could handle most anything. Wrong. Sometimes life grabs you by the collar and shakes you, and needless to say, I was shaken to my core. I found out if you don’t deal with the many things that happen in life, they bubble up to the surface and then have to be dealt with. So all the neatly filed things that was evidence of my zoning out, began to fly out at me like a crazy scene in Alice In Wonderland.

My therapist recommended I do something that I loved to do as a child, to help heal that little child. I decided to paint, and paint I did. I painted memories of growing up in a small town, angels drifted in and out of my paintings, along with mermaids and beach scenes. Anything to bring me peace. The peace came, and I found out more about myself in this creative outlet than I had ever even dreamed of. It has been a magical, healing, outlet for me and I am still painting away!

I kept noticing that I put pink houses in my paintings, with shutters. Not even realizing why, I just noticed and filed away. One day I went back home to my small hometown to visit my grandmother. We spent the remaining few years she was alive getting to know each other better, listening to her wonderful family stories, grieving together the loss of my mother and my brother, loving each other. I walked a few hundred feet to the old house where my grandmother was raised. It just reverberated with old family get togethers, much love and sadness, still just a beautiful old house. And it was pink. I realized I had been painting this old house over and over again in my healing process. I was dumbfounded. It all came back to family, and love, and life and living. I smiled as I headed back to my grandmother’s house. I felt like I had connected a few more dots in my life and it felt really good. I am connected to this place, this town, my roots are here.

My grandmother passed away a few years ago, I smiled when I thought of her rejoining all those loved ones that had gone on before her. So thankful for the time that I had with her, the God breezes I experienced when I decided to be open to the hurt and love that happens in life. Connecting and reconciling , being present in my life, and learning to just be…… has been the greatest journey of my life. Have a wonderful Mother’s Day and God’s blessings to you! Suz




Missing Home

November 17, 2015


I have been going, going, and gone for awhile now. Preparing for art shows, teaching classes, making ornaments…. I want to slow down, spend some time with my Lord, quiet time to realign myself, to listen, to rest and invigorate . I want to go home to Blountstown where I hail from but have not lived there for many years. I want to sit by the Apalachicola or Chipola river and just watch the water go by, I want to crunch leaves down a forgotten path, I want to go to old homesteads where family meals were shared along with old stories, good food, good people. I am missing home. I miss burn piles, leaf piles, hot chocolate with marshmallows, corduroy pants, flannel shirts, playing with cousins, hearing my name being hollered out to come wash up for supper… or dinner. I miss faces and voices that are gone now . I even miss deer being dressed in the back yard, and bags full of soft quail… knowing that a wonderful meal was soon to be had. I miss exploring with my grandfather, listening to my mama and grandma gossip in whispers, I miss a picture being taken of the Thanksgiving table because my grandaddy was so proud to have good food on the table. I miss them.  Don’t get me wrong, I am so grateful for all that I have family wise. A sweet husband, darling daughter and a wonderful son in law, aunts and uncles and cousins. My cup runneth over in so many ways. Eucharisteo, giving thanks for everything in all circumstances. I just am missing home. A place that is burned on me, deeply rooted in who I am. I am grateful for the memories that the good Lord has blessed me with and for all those that loom ahead. Be thankful, Eucharisteo, giving thanks just as richly as we have been given. xoxo, Suzanne

p.s. the painting is of a creek in Calhoun County painted from a photo of Jim McClellan’s.

Just peeking in to say Hi!

November 5, 2015

It has been a busy month, I had intended to write more but birthdays, Halloween, and  art shows got in the way. I have also been reading a lot. One Thousand Gifts by Ann Voskamp has been a real treat to read. Her book resonates with eucharisteo, giving thanks to God for all things and putting a name to it on her list. It is simply beautiful, and inspires me to do the same. It may seem insignificant to someone else, but gratitude for the large and small things in our lives are like incense rising to our Almighty Father. Love it!!!

I have been sketching a lot, it is something I have enjoyed doing, especially when I was a young girl. But lately I have had creative bursts, and instead of painting or writing, I get out a Number 2 pencil and a kneaded eraser and let my mind just go! It is a little like flying, a few shaky tries and then all of a sudden…. I am sailing. Good for the soul. I encourage anyone to do something that makes you feel young again, especially in the creative pool.

I have several more shows going on this Fall and Winter. This month, the 14th and 15th, Saturday and Sunday, I will be at Tallahassee Nurseries for the Artisians In The Garden. I am making new Christmas ornaments, a few new paintings and lots of new cards and prints. I also will have my Art Journaling class at Miss Mandy’s later this month, Tuesday November 17th. One class is at 9 am, the other is at 6.30 pm. Our theme will be A Thankful Heart, counting our blessings even in the ordinary things. On November 12th, I will be teaching a Christmas Ornament class at The Brush and Palette… intuitive painting I might add! I like different looks for Christmas ornaments and we always have fun there at Tyler’s shop!

I hope you have a blessed month, I am looking forward to all the good things that come with the month of November. xoxo  Suz


00460006I can almost feel Fall in the air…. almost. My enthusiasm for the upcoming season fills me with a sense of adventure and promise! The subtle changes here in Flordia are the leaves start coloring up, I drag the fire pit out where I can visit with friends when they drop by, with a toddy…. soup suppers, a crispness in the air. I always feel like it is the first Fall of my life. Speaking of adventure, My list of upcoming events may want you to throw on an apron, pull out your paint pots and sketchbook, and lose yourself in the creative process! This is a list of upcoming events, things may be added but you can contact me if you have any questions. I will be posting here as they come up.

September 2015

10th- Brush and Palette ” Intuitive Painting” , an exercise to unleash your creative beast! This is a night class. Contact Tyler there for more details

15th- Miss Mandy’s ( behind Calico Jacks ) here in Tallahassee “ Fall Leaves“. This is a night class where we will paint falling leaves with acrylic paint on canvas. 6.30-8.30 pm.

21st– Miss Mandy’s. ” The Art Of Imperfection Art Journaling“. This is a morning class to help us to be more mindful, creative, and cultivate gratitude in a journal . The theme is Goodbye Summer, Hello Fall. 9 am- 11 am, please call ahead to Miss Mandy’s to reserve a spot.

22nd– Miss Mandy’s- More Art Journaling, a night class for the night owls of you. 6.30pm-8.30pm.  Please call Jeanie at Miss Mandy’s to reserve your spot!

26thA thank you to all my lovely ladies who come to my classes, buy my art and cards… I am grateful for every single one of you. Come by and say hello and see my new cards and put your name in for a drawing… something fun! 11am- 4pm. My house, contact me for directions.

Please contact me at if you have a question.

Life As I Know It…..

March 23, 2014


  I have come home from a wonderful town called Apalachicola, Florida from an art show, my first there. It is a sleepy little fishing town and I so love to go there for rest and relaxation. This was not that trip but it was exhilarating to show my work, to tell my story, and share some laughter and tears with some awesome folk. I am humbled that I have a voice in my art and can’t wait to go back there and do it all over again! I found a friend from Blountstown ,Suella McMillan, that had the most awesome art made from found objects that I LOVE ! I reconnected with a friend that I had not seen since Jr. College that blew me away. She is beautiful, stunning even and works for RiverKeepers there in that wonderful little town. She is a mighty force, you have to be, when you have a job like that! Here’s to us Shannon Lease for weathering storms over these many years and we can still laugh and love and be moved! My darling daughter Lulu came with me to help and I love this creative force, I look at her and thing wow, she is amazing! So wrap all this up, tie a bow on it and call it Life as I know it…. and be thankful for the people that God puts in my path. Oh yes, Miss Ruth who let me live in her wonderful tree house these past two days… what an awesome woman and she radiates with love and energy. I want to be her when I grow up! Until next time my friends ….. love, SuzImage

Seasonings of Life

October 16, 2013

IMG_1547                                    What season are you in right now? There is, as you know, seasons that we go through in our lives. A season to be young, a season to be a wife, then a mother, then you are…… just you. I am at a crossroad in my life, I am leaving a job that I took as a 27 year old single mother with a four year old daughter. She is now thirty one and I am leaving this place that has been my workplace, my creative workshop, my nest and am venturing out into the big, wide world. Giving myself a year to explore art, what inspires me, to see where my Lord sends me or puts in my path. My leap of faith. I am not afraid, I am God’s child and there is no need for fear…… just anticipation and excitement and a wee bit of jubilation! My season is the exploration of what God has in store for me, wholeheartedly, knowing that He is in control and I am in the palm of His mighty hand! God’s blessings to you and keep in touch with me, you too are part of His wonderful and exciting plan. Love, Suz

The Summer Wanes

September 3, 2013

The Summer Wanes

” Her best crop was always her freckles” was my ode to our garden this summer…. I had high hopes but like my girl here, my best crop was was also my freckles! Wish me luck with our fall punkins!

Armchair Traveler

June 24, 2013

  I am an armchair traveler, not that I don’t like to travel but time and budget keep me tethered to my little world here in the Panhandle of Florida. I long to see Monet’s home at Giverny with the beautiful rose trees and his lily pad pond….. but since I can’t go there right now, I am content to paint my postcards of where I would like to go so this week it is France, next week it may be Florence, Italy or Greece….. or India. In the meantime I can head over to our quaint little french pastry shop and have a cup of strong coffee and a chocolate croissant . I can head over to our most beautiful beaches and bask in the warmth and loveliness of the coast and pretend I am Capri bound. Instead of painting in an artsy studio in Paris, like a friend of mine is doing as we speak, I can meet up with my girlfriends and drink wine and paint and laugh….. a lot! My girlfriend Letty is our exotic friend from Mexico City, beautiful and passionate, she can turn any occasion into an event…. I love that about her! So for now I will be happy in my little corner of the world and one of these days I will visit these places…Image but for now just be content with where I am.

A love letter to Monet

June 24, 2013

 I am an armchair traveler..... I would love to travel but work and time as well as budget do not permit. But that doesn't keep me from dreaming and enjoying my life here in the Panhandle of Florida. I can slip over to our quaint French pastry shop some mornings and have coffee and a chocolate croissant, I also can make a side trip to our beautiful beaches and take in the warmth and beauty of our great state. I notice an artist friend of mine is painting in Paris at a wonderful artsy studio.... my girlfriends and I meet and paint and drink sangria with our brie and crackers. My girlfriend Letty, is from Mexico City and she is our exotic example of European living and can make any thing into an event to remember.... great panache ! Meanwhile I  painted this as a thank you to Claude Monet, a young woman sitting on the steps of Monet's home in France at Giverny. She is holding a love letter to a master of color and form that is long dead but still she can say thank you in her own way to an artist that left beauty in his path and a trail for us to find decades later. I may not be going to France this summer, but I am thousands of worlds away in my own little France...... hope your summer is takes you wonderful places too!  Bon voyage, Suz

A love letter to Monet by Suzanne Conner

My cup runneth over

September 14, 2012

It has been a crazy summer for me. I started painting and selling my artwork, contacted a publisher to write and illustrate a children’s book, showed at several shops, lost several good friends to cancer, signed up for a holiday event to sell…… I am tired! I picked up my paintings at the end of the two month event and when I saw how much I had painted in that short time….. I took to my bed! The adrenaline had worn off and I was left with the realization that life was not going to be the same…..ever.

So now what? I am chomping at the bit to get going on the holiday event ideas for jewelry, stationary and my paintings. But common sense tells me that I need to slow down, breathe in and out and enjoy the moment. Keep looking up and know that all happens in God’s good time. I need to be inspired and so maybe take a little day trip somewhere to the coast or nearby Georgia. In any case, I am excited to be living a more creative life and I hope whatever I do, I can glorify God by the gifts He has given. Have a blessed day, Suz

Bird In Hand painting by Suzanne Conner