In My Garden

April 18, 2016




constant gardener II

How beautiful have these days been!!! I always love the springtime, the windows in my house are opened to let the breezes blow the cobwebs out, freshen up everything and revive my senses. I plant new plants and see our strawberries from last year have wintered over and are producing beautiful red berries. The iris moved from mama’s yard are blooming purple and bright yellow. She loved those iris and I am happy to say they are thriving. It reminds me of her yard, lovingly tended to with a grand baby at her side, neighbors walking by, just a sense of content being that is so hard to achieve in this world.

The first things to bloom here in Northwest Florida are my snow drops. I especially love these because they were brought over from our family home on the Outer Banks by my grandmother. then my mother transplanted them to her home and now I am the happy recipient of their beauty. There is a family story that my great grandfather held up one and commented on God’s perfection of detail on these small snowy white bells with green dots. I know he died when they are in bloom because my great Aunt Sister tucked one in his lapel when he was laid to rest.

I feel so close to God, especially when I am outside working the soil and planting,weeding, planning. There is something very healing in being in a garden. I like to think my deceased gardening loved ones are smiling as I pull weeds and divide plants. I was talking to a friend recently and we laughed thinking about these loved ones tending to Heaven’s garden, which I am sure there is one. For some reason I picture it as the most beautiful of all gardens and every leaf and flower and droplet of water is praising God. Glorifying Him with all that is in them. In my garden, I am covered with dirt, blisters on my hands, hair tousled and smiling the biggest smile… thank you Lord for your beauty, attention to detail and for loved ones who passed on an appreciation for your world.

Love,   <><  Suzanne


path home

The Path Home

I don’t know about you, but Mother’s day can be a kinda hyped up day for life at our house. My family tries so hard to honor me and please me, but they don’t know that everyday is mother’s day for me. They had planned a wonderful day for me but there was a trip to the emergency room, the roast was frozen and was in the crock pot forever, a trip to the drug store to pick up drugs for my husband’s scratched cornea….. it had all the makings of a crazy, chaotic day. But it wasn’t. After we got him home and comfortable as possible, there were Bloody Mary’s for all, a caprese salad made by my sweet daughter to tide us over, lots of slow sweet moments for the four of us. I chose Eat,Pray,Love for our watching delight and laughed at the scene where a turkey had not been defrosted for the Thanksgiving meal…. and just like the characters we made the best of it and had a great time. When the roast was done out came cole slaw and potato salad,and for desert Talenti gelato…. which we all ate out of the container with spoons. Gifts of candles were forthcoming….my favorite gifts to receive and more wine. All in all, it was a splendiferous day for me… all the apologies fell on deaf ears because we were safe, sound, bellies full, hearts full. I was surrounded by people that I love and love me and could not feel more honored this day. But the thing is…like I said, I feel like everyday is  Mother’s Day with blessings galore. My cup runneth over.  Suz

Mama’s Day

May 10, 2014

When my little girl used to tell me Happy Mother’s Day, I would tell her that if it weren’t for her I wouldn’t be a mother which she would reply…..” Mama, I was just going toward the light”. This child of mine, now a woman has made my life the most joyous I could have ever imagined for myself. Of course there were the difficult years and there was many a night that I cried myself to sleep. My husband would tell me that it would be better tomorrow and soon I would be drifting off to sleep…. and sure enough the next day would be healing and talking it all out with her. My relationship with my own mother was not always easy either, but I have to tell you, I would take any of those bad days again to just talk to her, thank her for the barbie doll clothes she made for me, the gowns made from her old prom dresses for a little plain jane girl with cat eye glasses. I would thank her for the charm school lessons that I hated and told them I didn’t need because I was going to be a farmer ( hey, it was the 70’s ) , the lessons have helped along the way. I would hug her and tell her how much I love her and thank her for taking us all to church and showing us how to thank and praise God…. even during difficult times. I would mention how much I admire her for raising three children on her own after a sad and traumatic divorce…. and I would tell her I want to be just like her when I grow up. Sadly I can’t, but whenever I get teary thinking about it , I just remember that I am just going toward the light myself and one day we will be in the light together. Until then I thank God for my mother and my beautiful daughter and know that He is in control of all things. God’s Blessings to all you mothers and mothers to be and children who made us that way. SuzImagerr