Missing Home

November 17, 2015


I have been going, going, and gone for awhile now. Preparing for art shows, teaching classes, making ornaments…. I want to slow down, spend some time with my Lord, quiet time to realign myself, to listen, to rest and invigorate . I want to go home to Blountstown where I hail from but have not lived there for many years. I want to sit by the Apalachicola or Chipola river and just watch the water go by, I want to crunch leaves down a forgotten path, I want to go to old homesteads where family meals were shared along with old stories, good food, good people. I am missing home. I miss burn piles, leaf piles, hot chocolate with marshmallows, corduroy pants, flannel shirts, playing with cousins, hearing my name being hollered out to come wash up for supper… or dinner. I miss faces and voices that are gone now . I even miss deer being dressed in the back yard, and bags full of soft quail… knowing that a wonderful meal was soon to be had. I miss exploring with my grandfather, listening to my mama and grandma gossip in whispers, I miss a picture being taken of the Thanksgiving table because my grandaddy was so proud to have good food on the table. I miss them.  Don’t get me wrong, I am so grateful for all that I have family wise. A sweet husband, darling daughter and a wonderful son in law, aunts and uncles and cousins. My cup runneth over in so many ways. Eucharisteo, giving thanks for everything in all circumstances. I just am missing home. A place that is burned on me, deeply rooted in who I am. I am grateful for the memories that the good Lord has blessed me with and for all those that loom ahead. Be thankful, Eucharisteo, giving thanks just as richly as we have been given. xoxo, Suzanne

p.s. the painting is of a creek in Calhoun County painted from a photo of Jim McClellan’s.

Revealing Things

January 13, 2014

                  Everyday, I give thanks and praise to God for this day, This day that He had made. It is so hard for me to not worry about tomorrow, but just live in this day. When I am able to just trust and know that God is directing my path … all the gifts of the day come forward and present themselves to me… awesome! Little jewels all wrapped up , a note from a friend, a kind word from someone, a smile from a stranger, little epiphanies all day long. Sometimes God is working on my heart and I just look up and say ” I know that was you “! I am bad about telling God what I need…. when He knows what I need since He has known me before I was knitted together. So today I will be silent and listen, open my heart to what He is telling me, smile through the troubles of the day , which I am not known for, and just be. So I stand at my crossroad of the moment , looking to the left and to the right , not wanting to go backward so I know forward is the best way to go. God bless your day! Suz


“The Constant Gardener”

mermaid sign9170240b5e25dca2421e19cedc39a54d        I found out yesterday that my blood pressure numbers seem to be very high. This was quite a surprise for me since I thought I was a pretty laid back person who kinda rolls with the punches, and my numbers are low if anything. So while I am waiting to get in with my doctor to see what next, I decided to try some extreme self care in the way of bubble bath, bible study, and some mermaid therapy….. it sounds crazy but for me it worked! I envisioned myself as a mermaid in a stream ( I know this is unrealistic for a mermaid, but just work with me here) and I am gently going with the current, looking up at the sky and trees and just floating. Occasionally I swim and notice the beautiful stones and the fish are swimming with me….and I notice that everything, the stones, the fish and even the water itself is praising and glorifying their creator. Then I reach the ocean and I look for shells down below and later sun myself on big rocks with the other mermaids, all the while hearing the cacophony of the whole ocean worshiping God. When I finally opened my eyes from the meditation I felt lighter, more freer than I have felt in a long time. I know mermaid therapy is not for everyone…. but for this landlocked, two legged one……. it’s working!